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Talks & Workshops

Elder Facilitators 

Escorted by Joanne 

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Joanne Ribbonleg

B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D.



888, 3rd Street Bankers Hall

West Tower 10th Floor SW

Calgary, Alberta

T2P5C5 Canada

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Reconciling Actions 

It was education that facilitated cultural genocide through the Indian Residential Schools, and it will be education that helps establish peaceful Indigenous relations within Canada.


A decolonized approach to education has the power to rebuild the damaged relationship that "Canada" has with the First Peoples of the Land through the legacy that was left behind by residential schools.


In response to the TRC’s recommendations, I encourage educational leaders, health institutions, and all organizations to support staff through this time of Truth and healing. Support to reconcile could be done through Indigenous workshops and training sessions that focus on the Truth and history of Canada. Additional support can be done through sharing scholarly articles, and sharing links to Indigenous education sites or hosting professional development days that focus on the meaning of decolonize Canada.

Decolonizing actions involve marrying Indigenous ways of knowing with mainstream Canada culture, history, and legislate. Decolonizing also means the inclusion of Indigenous ways into the public school and post-secondary school curriculums.

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