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The goal of the foundation is to gift and donate to Indigenous not-for-profit organizations that support healing, educational practices, and Elder Ceremonies. The Kokoms Foundation was established to support Elders in their traditional healing and educational practices. 

As an integral and practical application of her Doctoral Program of Studies, Joanne has founded this Charitable Foundation titled the Kokoms Foundation. Joanne aims to apply for a variety of Indigenous grants within all sectors of society.

Joanne holds an Equine Science Diploma from Old’s College, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta, a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Learning from Yorkville University, and she is now a Ph.D. research candidate in Education (Learning, Instruction and Innovation). Joanne is an Alberta Permanent Certified Teacher who specializes in Indigenous online education, and Sacred Tobacco teachings. She was nominated as the Valedictorian of her Yorkville University, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership graduating class in 2019, and in previous leadership roles Joanne has been a mentor teacher, a Spanish literacy exchange co-ordinator, a basketball coach, an equestrian coach and she is currently working towards becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Joanne is proud mother, an experienced educator, curriculum designer, grant writer, and Indigenous researcher. She is strong and passionate about speaking for Indigenous Children, and Mother Earth. Joanne has 7 years of experience in not-for-profit organizations, and she has a wealth of experience in fundraising initiatives. Joanne was never removed from her culture and she comes from an isolated Northern community within Alberta. Joanne has worked with many nations within Alberta, and she has a strong connection to many Elders throughout the province. Joanne has excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication, organizational and time management skills. Joanne is technically advanced and is proficient in many online, and software applications. Joanne is guided by Ceremony and this is reflected in her work and writing.



  • She has articulated her deep commitment to life-long learning and life-wide learning, to embracing efforts towards reconciliation, to being a positive role model for First Nations students, and to contributing her voice to Indigenous Canadian scholarship. She is passionate about sharing Indigenous knowledge and teaching others how to find their own spiritual connection to their environment. (Wendy L. Kraglund-Gauthier, Ph.D., 2019).

  • I benefited through her work, and witnessed her growth and development as an Indigenous-Canadian educator. Joanne has an important contribution to make to Canadian schools, and I am confident that she has a valuable and timely message to share as Valedictorian for the Faculty of Education at our upcoming Convocation. (P. Kolenick EdD, 2019).

  • I do believe you have the energy of the sun within you to brighten and warm our part of the world. You and your knowledge/insight can be what could make a positive difference in the people of our country (Tammi Henke, 2019).

  • Man Joanne…I am tired just following your energy. You obviously know in which direction you are heading…why and how…. Your project is developing as it must. You are walking and dreaming it out. Writing your thoughts this way is dreaming aloud. Fun and courageous. Go Jo Go! (David Bouchard, 2019)


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